Early CfP

Early Call for Papers

Fifth Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World

14th-15th December 2015

University of Nottingham

Abstracts deadline: 31st August 2015

It is with great pleasure that we announce the fifth Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World. AMPRAW 2015 will be a two-day conference aiming to provide both UK and international postgraduate students from all disciplines with the opportunity to present their research to the growing academic community focusing on classical reception.

This year’s conference will be held from Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th December 2015 at the University of Nottingham.

We will build on the successful trend of recent AMPRAWs, and this year the focus will be “Orthodoxy and Dissent”. This theme relates to many aspects of reception studies, and will further widen the scope of AMPRAW into the areas of material and visual culture, translation studies, and political thought.

We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers (with a subsequent 10 minute discussion). Proposals may consider, but are not limited to, the following questions:

  • Has there been and is there still an orthodox view(s) of the ancient world?
  • How have dissenters challenged this picture?
  • Is dissent against orthodoxy essential for art?
  • Do issues of orthodoxy and dissent help to highlight or shroud issues of contemporary discourse?
  • In what ways have the ancient world and its artefacts been used to reinforce or challenge authority?
  • Is there an ‘orthodox’ way of teaching Classics today?

In addition to this year’s panels, AMPRAW 2015 will feature a keynote lecture, and a wide-variety of practitioner-led workshops from visiting speakers. Confirmed details are to follow in due course.

Please send your title and a 200-300 word abstract (including your name, affiliation and level of study) to ampraw2015@gmail.com, by the 31st August 2015.

For up-to-date conference news and further details, please visit our website:  ampraw2015.wordpress.com and get involved on twitter @AMPRAW2015.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts!


The AMPRAW 2015 Organising Committee

John Bloxham, Melanie Fitton-Hayward, Harriet Lander, Annie Zourgou


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