2015 Convenors


John Bloxham – I am nearing the end of an AHRC funded PhD looking at appropriations of Greek thought in American political discourse. I explore how contemporary concerns have moulded the reception of ancient texts and I examine how these interpretations have fortified and invigorated critiques of modernity in debates over social policy, education, culture and international relations.


Melanie Fitton-Hayward – I am in the first year of my PhD, researching the impact of modern verse translations on contemporary reception of the Aeneid. My work explores how translators’ modifications to Virgil’s narrative voice, attribution of subjectivity, and point of view may influence reception of the epic, in an era where declining Latin literacy lends greater significance to translation.


Harriet Lander – I am a third year part-time PhD student studying translations of Sappho and their textual transmission. My work is currently based on understanding the move from manuscript to print, as well as how translations of Sappho’s poems were hugely influential on her reception and how her reception changed the way that the first translators approached her poetry.


Annie Zourgou – I am a second year PhD student funded by the AHRC. My research focuses on the myth of the Judgement of Paris in ancient Greek literature and art. I try to identify how different representations of the myth may affect its interpretation as well as how these depend on the genre and the time in which they appear.

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